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Wison Offshore & Marine

Address : No. 633, Zhang Jiang, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China

Phone : +86-21-20800000

Harnessing our experience in fabricating large-scale modules for onshore industrial plants and offshore oil & gas facilities, as well as the unique capability of process system in-yard commissioning, we are dedicated to offering revolutionary integrated solutions for constructing energy infrastructure and realizing the "plug and play" concept with 3rd generation module fabrication.

Standardized onshore LNG modularized plant

Inlet facilities capable of accepting:
C1 = 85% to 96%; rest C2 to C5+
Pressure ~65 bar; temp = 15 - 35ºC
Amine AGRU treats up to 2% CO2
Standardized onshore LNG modularized plant, minimizing project schedule, cost-efficiency
Minimizing project schedule, Deliver in 24 months
Cost-efficiency, 2.0MTPA plant includes 2.0 MTPA gas pre-treatment system and 2*1.0 MTPA liquefaction system, CAPEX is $325 million